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A Photographic Fight Against Entropy

I think the main thing I learned this weekend is that street photography is a very individual process. Each photographer has a different idea of what street photography is to them. Each photographer has a different style of street photography and different ways of approaching it and different ideas of how to achieve it.
— ribshots blog, What I Learned.
No one can actually teach you how to be a street photographer. they can help you, they can give you tips and pointers and let you know what works for them, but in the end, street photography is a personal experience and expression, you choose what pointers you want to take and which ones don’t apply to you.
— ribshots blog, What I Learned

Q: What are some attributes that make a great street photographer?

A: Genre is secondary; one must be a good photographer first. Beyond that, I’d say a kind of visual/spatial/interpersonal curiosity, a hunger to explore, and the ability to see whatever is in front of oneself without flattery or prejudice. This, coupled with an unconditional psychological need to translate this into interesting pictures

— Photographer TC Lin  being interviewed by Eric Kim on the Lecia blog
Technique must remain a tool, it should never be a target – the technically perfect picture is not a goal, as it is often boring & lifeless. What I believe in, on the other hand, is the eye. One can never work too hard on improving their ability to watch, see, analyse, understand & communicate the world around them. Translating part of our world into a picture is what I see as the real work of the photographer.
Photography is not about the equipment that you use, but about a simple fact of taking a picture that makes others think, it creates an effect, makes people stop and look.
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