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A Photographic Fight Against Entropy

I was able to get this image at at small party at my house.  I could not decide if I should post the black and white version, or the color version… So I posted them both.  

I was attempting to do the “street studio” set up used by Clay Enos in this video.  However, rather than using a random person on the street I took pictures of my lady friend.  

I used a Canon T1i in P mode, and the ISO was auto setting at 1600.  I was not happy with how much noise was in the image, so I did what I could to make the noise part of the image when I processed the image in Lightroom.  (Not sure how that worked out…)  

I’ve done some reading online, and discovered that many T1i users have issues with noise in their images.  This makes wanting to get a new camera even more appealing, but I don’t have the money to do so.  I’m hoping that I can make some adjustments, and increase my skills as a photographer to overcome the limits of this entry level D-SLR.  

Lessons Learned from This Session

  1. It is a good idea to experiment with a new set up (in this case the “street studio” set up) with someone who will be a modle prior to really using it. 
  2. I really need to do some manual override in regards to this camera’s auto ISO settings.  Next time I’m going to make sure the ISO is set somewhere from 200-800, and hope for less noise.  
  3. When there is a flaw, in this case noise, in an image I’m going to do what I can to make the flaw part of the image’s style / feel.  

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